PRICE FROM: 60 euro
DURATION: 9 hours
ROUTE: Sofia – the Rocks of Belogradchik – Sofia
INFO: Occupying about 90 sq km or 35 sq miles, near the town of Belogradchik, it is Bulgaria’s only landmark nominated for the global New Seven Wonders of Nature Campaign. The monumental red rocks, some them 200 m high, or 650 ft, in 1841 they inspired French Traveller Jerôme-Adolphe Blanqui to declare that the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Tyrolean mountains in Switzerland insipid in comparison.It is almost impossible to imagine these unearthly formations being shaped only by the prosaic effect to wind, sun, ice and tectonic movements of the dried-up water basin 230 million years ago.

The imagination creates legends, though, and some of the peculiarly-shaped stone pillars boasts their own name and some even their own history. Among the best known heroes in the thick fairytale book of the Belogradchick Rocks are the Schoolgirl, the Dervish, the Bear, the Madonna, the Monks, the Horseman, Adam and Eve, the Mushrooms, the Wedding….

The first people to settle in the area, in the 3rd century AD, were not the sort to be easily scared. They were Romans and for them the rock formation was simply the ideal location to build an impenetrable fortress to guard one of the busiest roads linking the Danube and the Aegean. The Roman stronghold named Kaleto is still standing in the steepest part of a circle of Rocks here. Two more ramparts were added after the Romans left, the legacy of the Bulgarians and Ottomans, who occupied it in later centuries. Optional: On our way back – visit the Monastery of Cherepish





8:30 – Pick up from your hotel/address (at the  time of booking exact pick up time will be confirmed).

11:30 – Scheduled time of arrival in Belogradchick.

Visit the area of the Rocks of Belogradchik.

13:30 – Lunch.

14:30 – Departure to Sofia.

17:30 – 18:00 – Return to your hotel/address.

Optional: On the way back visit the Cherepish monastery.


This tour operates every day.

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The prices include:

– Transport car or mini van A/C

– Fuel charges, parking fee, vignette

– English speaking guide

Available departures

Car (1 person)- 170euro;
Car (2 persons)- 95 euro pp;
Car (3 persons)- 85 euro pp;
Mini Van (4-5 persons)- 75 euro pp;
Mini Van (6 persons)- 60 euro pp;
Distance km one way- 220km.
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