Your Private Guide in Bulgaria!

Booking some of our tours you will have one of the guides presented below. We are young and energetic, from the new generation of guides, entertainers, free spirits and of course very knowledgeable, all of us with great credentials and most of us with more than 10 years of experience.

No mater which of us will serve you, you will always get the best service and a memorable stay in Bulgaria!


Hi, my name is Pavlina, I am responsible for the communication and the organization of every tour. Writing to one of our mails you will get in touch with me.

I speak English and French fluently and I guide in both languages. I am an irreparable optimist, always in a good humor, smiling, ready to take you to any corner of Bulgaria.

My job is my biggest passion and my biggest award is when the tourist leave happy to have chosen to visit Bulgaria with us.


Hi I am Yurdana, I guide English and German speaking individual tourists and groups. I have a ten year long experience as a tour-guide.

I love Bulgaria and it would be my great pleasure to show you Bulgaria in full depth. What to expect from me? I am charming, always smiling, very patient and do my best to make everybody feel comfortable and cozy in Bulgaria.

I am helpful, always positive and looking forward to greeting you on Bulgarian land.


Je me prénomme Georgi et je vous propose mes services en tant que guide sur Sofia et ses environs. J’aime mon métier grâce au fabuleux contact qu’il nous permet d’avoir avec les touristes et leur faire découvrir la Bulgarie, un pays qui m’est cher.

Mes qualités sont diverses, je reste toujours a l’écoute de mes clients afin de leur laisser le meilleur souvenir possible des lieux visités. Je me propose également comme chauffeur pour vos excursions.


This is Ivoslav – Driver and entertainer … even a paramedic and bodyguard … a furtherer of time-honored Bulgarian values, virtues, and family traditions. An irreparable, incorrigible optimist, the eternal positive thinker – his answer to the “How are you” question is “I feel as if it were my prom tonight!”.

Enthusiastic Primo Tenore di “Gusla” coro academico (or, to put it in plain English, a rank-and-file tenor chorister to the Gusla male choir). An indefatigable supporter of young people (if they are willing to accept support, that is!), and child-friendly, observing the loving-without-spoiling principle. An aesthete, capable of contemplating a painting, a natural landscape or phenomenon, even at a single beautiful tree, for hours on end…

Nurturing his intrinsic interests in history, geography, literature, languages (and tongues for that matter…, say, in butter), cars, architecture, music – any style, excluding Chalga (that hapless mixture of sensuality and stupidity, so highly honored by Bulgarian thugs and their doll-like retinue), Rap, and the like musical misunderstandings…

Bulgaria Private Guide


My name is Nikolay (Nicky for short). I am a graduated economist and an unconditional traveler! I consider myself very lucky to do what I love and to love what I do! It’s a big pleasure for me to convey my excitement and passion for this gorgeous piece of land to everyone willing to explore it!

Things I enjoy most are: a good read, a lager beer and slow music! I try to spend every spare time I have with my family, discovering different places and gaining more experience from native people. In the end a journey is best measured in friends, not in miles. I am looking forward to meet you and to pass a little piece from my love for Bulgaria to you!